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The development challenge posed by poverty served as the imperative for the creation of the MARTIN AMPAGUEY FOUNDATION, INC. (MAFI) in 1994. Established by Alexander M. Ampaguey, Jr., the Foundation was named after his grandfather, the late Martin Ampaguey, on whose lap the founder practically grew up. As his ward, Alex, Jr. witnessed Martin Ampaguey's genuine and untiring love for his neighbor which he translated in tangible terms. Those who sought him for help were never cast away empty. To his dying day, not one ever left the old man's house without his need, at least some need, met. The Ampaguey patriarch did this without any thought of reward or consideration. Like Rizal's Pilosopo Tasic, he was planting a seed, knowing fully well that he would not live long enough to sit under the tree's shade, but happy in the thought that his descendants will say after him, "Our forebear did not sleep in the dead of night." Now his descendants are in a position to carry on. The founder was the first to catch his consuming desire to serve, and soon the others in the clan caught the vision.

The Foundation's mission in essence is in obedience to the Biblical commandments of love for one's neighbor (Matthew 22:29) and of giving to the poor (Proverbs 28:27) evolving into a community-based non-governmental organization dedicated to enhancing each person's capability to live a full life. MAFI believes that the key to human development lies in the empowerment of the individual. Though its various programs, MAFI strives to translate people empowerment from political rhetoric to a social reality, from an empty slogan to a firm commitment. The Foundation provides educational scholarships to the children of disadvantaged families of the Cordilleras. Only too often, scholarships are granted to intelligent children, disenfranchising the "unintelligent" from educational opportunities.

The foundation endeavors to rectify this exclusion of individuals by re-defining "deserving" and "eligible" not in terms of intelligence or related abilities, but on a candidate's desire, interest and commitment to pursue a formal education. To complement the educational program, the Foundation delivers Character-building (spiritual) and socio-economic programs. The Foundation focuses on education, believing that this, like a good name (Proverbs 22: 1) , is the only concrete and lasting legacy that could be handed down to anyone. Long after wealth shall have vanished, character shall remain. The Bible exhorts us to "train a child in the way he should go, and when he's old he will not depart from it" (Proverbs 22:6) . As genuine empowerment should go, the Foundation's agenda is not to impose solutions. The Foundation is merely a bow from which children as living arrows are sent forth swift and far down the path marked by the Archer - the Father of the Lord Jesus. From just eight sponsored children in December, 1995 the Foundation's ward to date has swelled to 216 sponsored children representing as many families. The Foundation had just reaped its first fruit with one of its wards graduating from a 5-year college engineering course after just a little short of two years of operation. The Foundation's affiliates are scattered across Western Europe. MAFI was registered as non-stock, non-profit organization with the Securities and Exchange Commission in 1994.


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